Injury Prevention by Wearing a Helmet

Dr. Tina Tran

Now that the weather is warmer, biking is a great activity for kids and the whole family. It's important to always wear a helmet while biking to help prevent serious injury.

During an accident, helmets help the head to slow down more gradually, help spread the impact over a larger area, and help to prevent direct impact to the skull.

Even with other sports and activities, it may be important to wear a helmet. Different activities may require different helmets, as they are designed for the specific activity. You can check the certification sticker on the helmet to make sure it is suitable.

Most countries have regulations covering helmet use and helmet design, but even without the laws existing, make sure a helmet is worn for safety- for children and adults!

Here is a great resource with more information from About Kids Health.

It is important to wear helmets with many activities and to also make sure that they fit properly and are worn correctly. Here is a page with some more tips.

Happy biking!

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