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How to find us

We are in the Colombus Medical Building in Woodbrige, near Highways 400 and 407

8333 Weston Road, Suite 310
Woodbridge ON L4L 8E2
Phone: 905-850-3250
Fax: 905-850-5607

Monday to Friday
9am to 5pm


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Vaughan Pediatric Clinic Policies

Missed appointments policy

Cancellations are requested within 24 hours when possible.  Please call our office if you anticipate not showing for a scheduled appointment: 905-850-3250 

This policy is in place to improve scheduling opportunities and encourage patients to call and cancel their appointments in a reasonable amount of time (24-hours when possible), which would allow for better use of patient, staff and physician time.  Patients will be charged a “no-show” fee on the 2nd and 3rd missed appointments, and dismissal from the practice may result after a subsequent no-show. “ 

MISS DOUBLE APPOINTMENT (2 children at the same time)

These patients will be restricted from scheduling double appointments in the future. The patient's file will be flagged.  The family will be responsible for appropriate missed appointment fees per patient.

General Clinic Policies

• Parents are responsible for accurate and up to date health card information. Please bring your health card for each visit. Failure to provide accurate and up to date health card information will result in your claim to OHIP being rejected. Rejected claims are subject to $30.00 administrative fees plus cost of visit.
• Please notify our staff of changes to address, telephone work or cell phone numbers.
• In respect to others please try to keep your appointment PEANUT FREE. We ask that patients do not bring any foods that may contain peanut products into our office.
• We ask you to arrive on time for your appointment. Please be aware that your appointment time may not reflect the actual time that you are seen by the doctor.
• Please alert our staff on arrival of high fever, breathing problems or rashes with fever.
• Walk-in visits may be refused. Please call for an appointment prior to your visit.
• Aggressive, confrontational and rude conduct in our office will not be tolerated and is subject to dismissal from our practice.