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Vaccinations for Teenagers -HPV


HPV is a virus that is transmitted via sexual intercourse and other sexual behaviours.    It occurs  in males and females and is the commonest sexually transmitted  disease in Canada.  HPV  causes genital warts in males and females. It causes Cancer of the Cervix in females , as well as other  cancers of the genitals  and anus in males and females.   It causes cancers of the mouth and throat and head and neck in males and females. Once someone catches HPV there is no cure for it. 

HPV vaccines are recommended for males and females age 9 and over  .  In Ontario Gardisil is given by school public health nurses  to Ontario school boys and girls in grade  7 and to girls in grade 8 at no  cost .  It prevents 2 wart causing strains and 2 of the commonest cancer causing strains.   At present Ontario school boys in grade 8 and above are not given Gardisil via a school vaccination program and must purchase it privately.  

Recently Gardisil-9 has been released for  improved coverage of cancer causing strains of  HPV .  It prevents the same 2 wart causing strains and the 7 commonest cancer  causing strains of HPV.    It is not  covered by OHIP and can be purchased privately in our office.    

The Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC) recommends HPV vaccination using Gardisil-9 for all Canadians in the at risk age groups  

Please note that Ontario school girls  and boys will be offered Gardisil during the 2016-2017 school year  and not Gardisil-9 which has improved coverage.  We encourage all families to consider recieving  Gardisil-9  as we feel it is a better vaccine with improved coverage.    Please notify our office if you wish to recieve Gardisil-9 vaccination 

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