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Travel advice

Those of you who are going away may consider the following important travel recommendations:

Make sure your regular vaccinations are up to date including flu shots  during influenza season.

Additional vaccines for travel may include Hepatitis A and or B,   Dukoral for travellers diarrhea, Typhoid vaccine and Yellow Fever vaccine.   We can help advise you.  

For areas such as Southeast Asia,  Indian subcontinent,  Africa, South America  and Domenican Republic Malaria prevention may be needed.  Please book an apppointment for travel advise. 

Insect precautions are often important and  include repellants to apply during typical insect biting periods such as dawn and dusk and clothing such as hats, sleeves, long pants and socks to make  less  available surface area to get bitten.

While many resorts have advanced water filtration and purfication systems it is still important to consider that foods may be washed with non purified water.  A good thing to remember are safer foods may be those that are Cooked, Boiled or Peeled.

For severe diarrehea and vomiting, infants and younger children should travel with an Oral Rehydration Solution available in powdered forms such as Pediatric Electrolyte Solution or Gastrolyte available in most pharmacies.  

Take Tylenol/Tempra or Advil / Motrin for fever reduction, headaches etc.    Take a good first aid kit with bandaids, topical antibiotic cream.   

Bring all of your  usual medicines including asthma medicines, allergy medicines and make sure that you have enough supply of all of your medicine that you are supposed to take daily , make sure that they have not expired and that puffers for asthma are full and able to be used. 

Take Sunscreen and sun protective clothing.  Young infants under 6 months  should not use sunscreen and should be shaded from the sun.

A good website for travellers health listing most destinations is:

For further travel information, vaccination and prescriptions please book an appointment in our office and indicate that your visit is for travel advice.