General Clinic Policies During COVID-19 Pandemic -Updated August 2020

The continued safety of all of our patients and staff while maintaining excellent care for everyone is our continued goal.

We have implemented the following office policies for everyone’s safety and continuing health during the COVID-19 Pandemic. These policies are subject to change with local outbreaks and government policies

We are limiting our own doctor’s in office times and accepting fewer in office patient visits utilizing telehealth virtual visits instead when appropriate to keep patients well cared for but respecting social distancing standards.

All parents are expected to wear a mask at all times and for all children and adolescents to wear a mask when appropriate. Failure to where a mask will result in your childs refusal to be seen.

No walk-in patients are currently accepted. If your child is ill or requires an urgent appointment please call in. You will be booked for a telehealth “virtual visit” with one of our doctors who will assess the situation and refer your child in according to urgency and availability.

Please note walk-ins cannot be seen and we cannot accept responsibility for your childs care in any walk-in situation and you will be instructed to leave immediately without a doctor assessment.

Some well baby/child/adolescent checkups will be booked and done virtually via telehealth. We will ask for your child to come in and be measured by our nursing staff and vaccines will be given prior to a telehealth visit later in the day. Some of these checkups will be booked as usual to see their doctor and others will be assessed via telehealth and advised to come in to have specific problems examined in person later on .

If families dont feel comfortable coming in for measurements they can measure height and weight at home and report these values at the telehealth visit .

We strongly urge continuing vaccinations according to the usual schedule for the safety of your own child and for others. The vaccines will be booked and given in a separate area avoiding exposure to others.

All families will be given COVID screening questions prior to the visit and upon arrival . We require our families to be entirely honest and accurate in answering these questions . Dishonesty will result in dismissal from our practise Aggressive, confrontational and rude conduct in our office will not be tolerated and is subject to dismissal from our practice

Parents are responsible for accurate and up to date health card information. Please update email /address and home and cell-phone number with each visit

Please bring your health card for each visit. Failure to provide accurate and up to date health card information will result in your claim to OHIP being rejected. Rejected claims are subject to $30.00 administrative fees plus cost of visit.

We ask that patients do not bring any foods into our office.

We ask one care-giver per visit to help reduce crowding

We ask you to arrive on time for your appointment. Please be aware that your appointment time may not reflect the actual time that you are seen by the doctor.

Please alert our staff on arrival of high fever, breathing problems or rashes with fever.