We have updated our office policies in order to adapt to the current status of the COVID -19 pandemic

We encourage our patients to review and keep up to date with these policies as they change . We apologize if they cause any inconvenience and are different than what you are normally used to . We all hope that soon we can just go “back to normal “

RE: Sick Days and same day visits:

For the safety of all of our patients and staff we are unable to accept walk-in appointments. Those who arrive without an appointment will be asked to leave and to call in and book a scheduled visit.

We will use virtual visits – including videoconferencing or telephone conferences to provide initial consultation for sick day/same day visits. The doctor who provides the virtual visit will review the appropriate information and examine if possible affected systems. Afterwards your doctor may provide appropriate recommendations , prescribe a medicine if necessary, recommend necessary testing, or advise to be seen same day in office or in office at a later date as needed. The doctor who does the virtual visit or the subsequent referred in office visit may be your own pediatrician or another more immediately available pediatrician from our practice.


We ask that all patients seen in office have a covid screening questionnaire completed and submitted PRIOR TO THE VISIT . This questionnaire will be emailed to you prior to the visit . Please be honest and complete with the questionnaire. Those who do not complete a COVID screening questionnaire may be turned away. Those who knowingly submit false information may be dismissed from our practice.

RE: Social distancing and masking

All parents and all children greater than 2 years of age are expected to wear a mask at all times unless asked by staff to remove it temporarily. This includes wearing a mask at all times in all areas of our building and office including hallways, elevators, reception areas and examination rooms. Please do not remove your mask while in the exam room waiting for your physician. Families who do not respect this policy may be asked to leave or be dismissed from our practice. Please do not eat or allow your child to eat in our wait rooms or reception area as this is not an excuse to remove his or her mask

RE: One Child /One Parent policy

We request one child visit per day and one accompanying parent or guardian only . Exceptions are twins, newborns to 1month of age, parents or children with disabilities requiring second caregiver or interpreter. Other caregivers, or siblings will be asked to leave or wait outside of our office. Your childs appointment may be cancelled or rescheduled until you have appropriate childcare available to be with siblings. With discussion with your Pediatrician there may be an allowance given for second caregiver or siblings. Please do not discuss or argue with reception staff about this. Unruly behaviour is subject to warnings and dismissal from our practice.


Dishonest , unruly or abusive behaviour to our staff, other patients or physicians will not be tolerated and will be subject to immediate warning and then dismissal from our practice . This includes unruly or abusive conduct in person or via phone or videoconference. Patients who have been knowingly dishonest via falsifying covid screening information will be subject to immediate dismissal as well as reporting to local legal or public health authorities.