Attestation form for return to school or day care

We understand that children and families will be faced with questions of when their children can be sent back to school or daycare.

The position of the Vaughan Pediatric Clinic, the Pediatric Section of the OMA and the Ontario Medical Association’s position is that doctor’s notes for clearance to return to work, school, daycare or recreational activities are not an appropriate use of primary care resources, especially while COVID-19 causes unprecedented strain on the health-care system. Requiring doctor’s notes may also increase risk of exposure for patients. The Ontario Ministry of Health also recommends against requiring doctor’s notes to clear students and staff to return to school after suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19. Instead, we recommend that individuals and parents complete this COVID-19 Self-Attestation Form to assess whether it is safe and/or prudent to return to work, school, daycare or recreational activities according to COVID-19 clearance guidance from the Ontario Ministry of Health.

We have published a “self-attestation” form for parents to easily fill and submit to their school or daycare.

Click here to fill out the form, check the appropriate boxes when you feel your child is able to return, then download to submit and/or email it to your child’s school or daycare