Updated Clinic Policies re: office visits and Telehealth Videoconferencing

March 29 2019

Vaughan Pediatric Clinic

Woodbridge Ontario

Our hearts go out to all of our patients and families who have been affected by the COVID-19 Coronovirus

At the Vaughan Pediatric Clinic our patients’ and families’ safety, as well as the safety of our team is our top priority.

Being able to help our patients when sick and to keep them well with health care checkups and vaccinations will continue. Since we have responded to the recent changes we have successfully been able to continue seeing and helping our patients via Telehealth Videoconferencing and in office when necessary.


  • All patients in the office are now pre-screened by our staff by telephone to determine that they are safe and not contagious to others.    No patients will be seen without the screening questions completed. NO WALK-INS VISITS WILL BE DONE AND NO WALK-IN VACCINES WILL BE ADMINISTERED (YOU CAN CALL TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE NURSE FOR THE MISSING VACCINES)
  • Well checkups and well baby visits are expected to continue
    • Some well checkups and visits will need to be arranged with your doctor. Our reception staff will advise you when a doctor visit instead of a telehealth visit is necessary, and will book you an appointment to see your doctor.
    • Other well check-ups will be prescreened and booked to see the nurse for appropriate height and weight measurements and given vaccinations.   The patient will then immediately go home and the family will receive a telehealth video or telephone call by their pediatrician.   Their pediatrician will go over all concerns and make appropriate referrals, prescriptions or tests remotely.   If it is determined your child needs a physical exam in office it will be arranged.
  • If your child is sick a telehealth video or telephone call will be arranged by our staff either with their own pediatrician or one who is “on call” for telehealth calls.   That telehealth call will determine whether your child needs to be seen or not, or can deal with things by ordering tests or prescriptions remotely.

All staff is advised to have personal protection worn when necessary, please advise your child because this can be frightening to them.

Some Very Important Points :

We understand that with these changes will come challenges along the way, but they are important so bear with us and our staff.   Smiles are very necessary these days!

  • We ask that you be honest when we do pre- office visit screening.  This is all for everyone’s safety and there cannot be “cracks”  in the system
  • No walk-in visits will be allowed and all will be immediately asked to leave and arrange a telehealth visit  – no exceptions to this policy
  • No food allowed in office apart from bottles for your baby.
  • No extra people please,  only one parent per visit ,  avoid bringing the other kids along if you can

These rules are for the safety and protection of all.   No exceptions.   We recognize that this is a stressful time for all. 

We will not tolerate abusive behavior towards any of our staff at any time.  

We will not tolerate those who lie or ignore our rules

For the safety of others, anyone with abusive behavior or disregard for our rules and procedures may be asked to immediately leave our practice

Our policies may change as the situation changes, and we will attempt to communicate changes to you via our website www.vaughanpeds.ca or our Facebook site.   Please check back regularly

Prior to your Telehealth videoconferencing visit please read our post regarding Consent for TelehealthVideoconferencing